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Pre-Release of Pit Stop

Pit Stop Pre-Release Image

With the release of the Maxi-Single to my new track, called Pit Stop, planned for the end of July 2010, I couldn't help but give people a glimpse of what's coming.

The track is a 130BPM Power Pop/Dance Track with a Jumpstyle rhythm. It is performed by myself and it features the vocal talents of Carmen Sampson.

For the pre-release, I've included the original version and an edited version of the Electro Mix

Listen to it on the above player or go to my SoundClick Page from which you can buy it for half the normal price ($0.50 each) but only untill the full release takes place.

Buy it now from SoundClick

30 June 2010 | Posted by Francois de Swardt (Maxume)

Buy my music now from SoundClick

SoundClick Announcement Img

For the longest time, PayPal did not support South Africa for merchant accounts. For this reason I have been unable to sell my music on SoundClick.

...Untill now, that is: Last week it was announced that PayPal now supports sales from South Africa via FNB accounts.

From today, you'll be able to buy most of my music from my page on SoundClick.

Go there NOW.

30 March 2010 | Posted by Francois de Swardt (Maxume)

FREE MUSIC Section of Maxume on Facebook...

The Beach Party Cover Art

That's right. I've just uploaded the first MP3 single in the FREE MUSIC section of Maxume on Facebook.

This first single is called The Beach Party 2010 (Trance Mix) and is a revamped version of a track I composed in 2000. It's an uplifting dance track with a tempo of 140BPM and has a mixing point in the front and the back for DJing purposes.

A few more details about the page:
All MP3s in this section will be 100% free to fans of my page. (Check the page for copyright notices.) I plan to upload a new track every month & each newly added track will replace the one before it. So don't wait to download as you might just miss out. Go to my Facebook page NOW!

20 February 2010 | Posted by Francois de Swardt (Maxume)

All Current Music Now Live

All music I produced since December 2008, is now live on the net and can be purchased from a large number of vendors. These Vendors include: iTunes, Amazon, Napster, Rhapsody, Lala and several others.

The following music is currently available: Like Gold (The Sound of Summer), Belly Dancer (Maxi-single including a full and edited version of 4 different mixes) & Seven Months of Summer.

Check out the quick links on the right-hand side of my page to go to any of these online stores now.

20 February 2010 | Posted by Francois de Swardt (Maxume)